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Do you remember that Kodak Super 8mm camera prototype on display back at CES 2017 in January? Looks like Kodak have recently release some Steve Parsons, head of the Super 8 camera project at Kodak said their biggest challenge has been rebuilding the engineering knowledge that's been lost.. What makes Kodak's new Super 8 camera different? Unlike original Super 8 cameras, which were last made about 35 years ago, Kodak's Super 8 camera will incorporate some digital elements, such as a flip-out 4-inch LCD electronic viewfinder and an SD card slot. It's a variable-speed camera.. By revamping the Super 8 camera, Kodak is working towards an overall goal, and a relatively simple one at that-to keep film alive. With today's technological advances, however, there are many opportunities to fuse analog devices with digital functionality. The camera now includes a 3.5-inch..

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Kodak Super 8 Camera. Josh Valcarcel/WIRED. At CES 2016, what's old—very, very old—is new again. And nothing is older and newer than the Super 8 camera. The Super 8 holds a special place in film-making history: There's an entire generation of directors who grew up using it There are so many super 8 cameras manufactured, and prices can range between 0.99 and 999 USD. So which one fits your needs and budget. Most super 8 cameras you'll find on flea markets or in 2nd hand shops are very simple, straightforward to use cameras The Kodak Super 8 Camera makes a comeback at CES 2017, combining the old with the new, bringing back a classic to the 21st century. Super 8 is no longer just a memory for indie film makers of old or those who grew up with old film cameras, like our own Juan Carlos Bagnell

Eastman Kodak is bringing back an old-school film camera: the Super 8, popular for making home movies after it was launched 50 years ago. The photography pioneer, which stopped selling digital cameras in 2012 after filing for bankruptcy, showcased an early prototype of the Super 8 at CES.. The Kodak Super 8 Camera has been endorsed by some of the industry's top movie directors, including Christopher Nolan (Interstellar), JJ Abrams (Star Wars: The Force One huge step forward from the original is the integrated audio microphone which plugs into the front of the Super 8 Camera Kodak Has Made a Digital Super 8 Camera That Records on Actual Film: Retro vibes. Reinvigorating the iconic Super 8 camera, Kodak introduces a modern update that offers features such as an integrated microphone, digital viewfinder, and plenty of connectivity options such as USB cable..

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Feb 15, 2016 · Kodak is reviving its storied Super 8 camera as a digital-analog hybrid. At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Kodak announced it is reissuing the Super 8 camera. We're going to get to the camera itself in a moment but first, we want to explore the lasting appeal of 8mm film, so we've gotten in touch.. Kodak Super 8 Camera. Share. ~$400+ Buy Comment. Brand new cameras that shoot on good old 8mm film. They come with a fixed or 8-48mm zoom lens, and can film at variable speeds

Super 8 was the most popular format for recording home movies during the sixties and seventies. After the introduction of VHS, which was cheaper than film and But despite discontinuing the actual cameras in 1982, Kodak continued to manufacture Super 8 film for the format's remaining loyalists The Kodak Super 8 is designed to bring back the look and feel of film, but not exactly the nostalgic body. While the camera, designed by Yves Behar, has film guts, a screen rather than a small viewfinder allows videographers to frame their shot. Adding in a pistol grip allows users to shoot without holding.. When the Kodak Super 8 camera finally arrives (it was announced at CES way back in 2016 and only teased at CES this year) it will go for about the Kodak's blog hinting at the price of the new Super 8 camera is an exercise in weirdness. First there's some admittedly gorgeous footage that's supposedly.. Kodak Super 8 Camera. You'll note there's no digital in that title. Designed by Yves Behar, the camera is modern-looking, yet recalls the design of the original Kodak Super 8 from 1965. It uses 15m film cartridges good for several minutes of shooting, and buying the film covers your processing, too..

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